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It's a tad cliche, but it's true that I was the kid rearranging her room every few weeks and spending her babysitting money on houseplan books (well, that and Teen Beat magazine). 

As an adult, I took a lengthy detour through Marketing & Research, but my constant mental improvement of spaces had me weighing in on projects for my family of builders in Muskoka, Ontario and helping friends with their projects, just for kicks.   

Finally, in 2007, I heeded some repeated advice.   I 'hung a shingle' at the intersection of skill and passion -- and Impressions Home Design was born.  Here I am almost 18 years later with a long list of happy clients.  In fact, over 90% of my clients are referrals from other happy clients or are previous clients who've invited me back for a second, third or sometimes even fourth project.  The problem-solving aspect of my job is highly fulfilling to me as a creative, but one of the greatest joys in this role is the "comealongsidey-ness" I get with my clients.   I just love providing focus, function and an aesthetic that is specific to them, easing their overwhelm, while adding value to their home.

I serve clients all across Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore, all over Halifax and beyond, but Bridgewater is the place our family chooses to call home.   I live in our little piece of small town paradise with my high school sweetheart, David, our three "where did the time go" kids (aged 17 to 24), and giant pup, a Saint Bernard/ Standard Poodle cross, named Atticus. 

We're slowly picking away at our century home and enjoy all that life has to offer in our beautiful Nova Scotia community.  

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