You can choose to involve me from the get-go with big-picture space planning, have me swoop in at the end to "pick the pretty" or any variation in between.   My level of involvement depends entirely on your preference.  Well, and my calendar; at most points in the year, I book anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks out.  

To get you thinking on how I might be of assistance on your project, here's a brief run-down of some of the services offered by Impressions Home Design.

The Planning

There are many great floor plans out there.  However, I have encountered  a great many designs that have neglected to take into account one aspect or another.   Is that door in the best spot?   Is this the most functional layout for the kitchen?   Is this window the right height for the use of this room?   Not addressing these sorts of questions can often produce regret at the other end of the project finish line.  

Offering input on the flow and function of a space is arguably my favourite part of the job.   Don't get me wrong, the colours and finishes are lovely too, but those are easier to change than rooflines and interior framing.  I'm pretty practical, so I guess the long term savings that comes with my early involvement causes me to enjoy this stage the most!

The Nitty Gritty

Once you're comfortable with the overall approach I've recommended, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. 

(I have no idea where that term originated, but it perfectly descibes this step, so I'm sticking with it.)   


In most cases, this middle portion of the project covers more of less glamourous details, things like where to run plumbing and electrical outlets.  Or it could include more of the things you notice, like flooring selections, light fixtures, countertops and finding the right sink or faucet for the job.  There are a million and one details in a reno or build project, and it's my job to help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.   

BONUS:  sourcing furniture and fixtures through me (as a result of strong trade relationships) usually results in better pricing for clients, as I can provide most items at a lower price than what you can find on your own.   

In a sense, I am a bit of a one-stop-shop that saves you both money and aggrevation.  

The Polish

Though the majority of build/ re-build decisions have been made by this point, there are still many choices to make when it comes to the very visual aspects of your design.   Wall colour probably comes immediately to mind for you, but the aesthetic portion of a project would also include things like furniture (including its very important scale and placement), occasional pieces, window coverings, area rugs, art, table lighting and accessories.   Pulling it all together properly is what gives a room an impression or feeling as you enter it.